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Mail Forwarding

You have several mail forwarders available, the exact number depends on your account. Mail forwarding enables you to have email addressed to specific people at your domain to be forwarded to another email address elsewhere, or to a POP/IMAP account you have created. (Examples: forwards to, forwards to your sales POP account) 

By default, ALL mail to your domain is set up to automatically forward to the e-mail address that you supplied when you purchased your account. This e-mail address is called the "default" address. Any mail sent to your domain that does not fit any of the additional forwarding options you have set up will be sent to this address.

Example: You have setup, and someone sends email to, the sales email will be sent to the "default" address since sales was not explicitly setup.

If this behaviour is undesired, simply delete the "default" alias. All of this can be configured with your account control panel

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