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(Register a domain and point it to another domain name)

A domain pointer allows you to register multiple domain names and have them all point to the same website. For example, if you have an on-line clothing store you may wish to have the domain names,, and all point to your account. This is an excellent way to increase your visibility and bring more visitors to your site! 

Only $9.99/month

Here's what you get:

  • The ability to point the domain to any domain name you specify
  • The ability to forward your e-mail to another address
Fine print:
  • The InterNIC (the governing agency in the US) charges a registration fee of $70 for each new domain name (.com, .net, .org), which covers 2 years. After the 2nd year they will charge you $35 per year. Foreign domain registrations terms and fees vary.
  • A Domain Pointer can point to any domain name you specify, however, it cannot point to a subdirectory on an existing website or an IP address.
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