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Web Hosting FAQ
What is virtual site hosting?
How do I transfer my files to your servers?
How long does it take for a domain name to be registered or transferred?
How do I transfer my domain name if I registered through Register.Com?

What is virtual site hosting?

.Com Hosting specializes in virtual site hosting. When you register for virtual site hosting we provide you with space for your website on a central server instead of a server dedicated only to your site. We enable you to have your own "domain name", a unique address that identifies you on the Internet. A domain name allows people to reach your web site by using your domain name, and to address email to you using that address. Since your email can be forwarded anywhere, even if you change internet providers you will still get your mail.

 How do I transfer my files to your server?

You can transfer your files by File Transfer Protocol (FTP) using an FTP client or web publishing software such as Microsoft Frontpage. You can find out more about using FTP clients to transfer your website by reading our FTP tutorial. If you wish to use Microsoft Frontpage to transfer and manage your site, you will need to enable Frontpage Extensions. This can be done during the online ordering process by selecting enable Frontpage Extensions. If you have an existing account, then you can enable Frontpage Extensions through your Account Control Panel. 

How long will it take for my domain name to get registered or transferred?

Typically, domain names are registered/transferred within two days, but sometimes it can take up to two weeks before a domain name is registered/transferred. 

How do I transfer my domain name if I registered through Register.Com?

If you registered your domain name before June 2nd, 1999, then all you need to do is fill out our order form and we will send the transfer request to Network Solutions for you. If you registered after June 2nd, 1999, you will need to make the changes through Register.Com's Manage My Domain page.

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