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Account Control Panel

The account control panel is a web page that only you can access. It allows you to configure all the options we provide for your account, and provides access to information about your site. You can configure your mail accounts, passwords, and much more with the ACP. Eventually you will be able to update your billing, and purchase additional options through this!

You can reach the ACP by going to
Thats your domain name with a /~acp/ tacked on to the end of it. You will have to supply the username and password that was emailed to you when you created your account. 

Mail Forwarding

You have several mail forwarders available, the exact number depends on your account. Mail forwarding enables you to have email addressed to specific people at your domain to be forwarded to another email address elsewhere, or to a POP/IMAP account you have created. (Examples: forwards to, forwards to your sales POP account) 

By default, ALL mail to your domain is set up to automatically forward to the e-mail address that you supplied when you purchased your account. This e-mail address is called the "default" address. Any mail sent to your domain that does not fit any of the additional forwarding options you have set up will be sent to this address.

Example: You have setup, and someone sends email to, the sales email will be sent to the "default" address since sales was not explicitly setup.

If this behaviour is undesired, simply delete the "default" alias. All of this can be configured with your account control panel. 

POP/IMAP Mailboxes

A POP or IMAP mailbox allows you to retrieve email sent to it by accessing it through POP or IMAP aware mailers. (Such as Eudora, Netscape Mail, or Internet Mail) If you do not have an email account with another provider, or wish to seperate emails to different accounts (such as a sales account, and a personal account) then the POP/IMAP feature is for you. You can point any email address from your domain to one of these mailboxes.

Your account comes with several mailboxes. You can setup these mailboxes through your account control panel. Each mailbox comes with a maximum storage quota.

CGI Usage Policy

.Com Hosting allows you to create dynamic web content through the usage of CGI scripts. Several languages are supported including GNU C, Perl, Java, and the various UNIX Shells. SSI (Server Side Includes) are enabled as well.

Support for additional languages may only be an E-Mail away! If you would us to provide additional support for languages not mentioned, email and we will review your request. 

Usage of CGI functionality constitutes acceptance of the following terms and assertions.

  • The customer will not attempt to bypass the security of the system through the CGI, as to gain unathorized access to information, resources, or control on the server.
  • The customer's CGI will not use excessive CPU time or create more storage than their disk quota allows. 
  • .Com Hosting reserves the right to review the source code of the CGI at any time to check for misuse, potential security hazards, or to recommend more efficient and/or alternative implementations. .Com Hosting will NOT copy source code or executables without the customers prior approval. 
  • If your CGI requires compilation (such as those using GNU C) you may direct the request to The .Com Hosting is not obligated to debug your program if it does not compile. 

Frontpage 2000 Extensions

.Com Hosting allows you to install Microsoft's Frontpage Extensions on your account. This can be achieved through your account control panel.

However this option is not recommended. Our web servers are based on the UNIX (FreeBSD) operating system. Microsoft supplies the extensions for this platform, but they are not complete. Thus not all Frontpage features may work correctly. 

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