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Domain Names



We can expedite the registration of your domain and make sure everything proceeds smoothly by sending your domain registration or transfer request to the InterNIC on your behalf. The InterNIC charges $70 to register a new domain name (, .net or .org). This fee covers the first two years. They currently bill at a rate of $35 per year. The Inter NIC will send you an invoice via e-mail between 3 to 6 weeks after the domain is registered. We can also host non-U.S. domains (, ,,, etc.) When an account is activated with a new domain name, we will automatically send the registration form to InterNIC. The information sent on the form is taken directly from your website order form. Inter NIC typically completes the registration within 24 hours, and propagation usually takes about 72 hours. Contact us if you do not receive notification that a domain name has been either registered or transferred within two weeks. In the meantime, refer all concerns to Registration Services. You can reach them by calling (703) 742-4777 and selecting option number 2 or you may write to them at Be sure to reference your NIC ticket number when contacting either the InterNIC or us. 


Whether you place an order by telephone or via our online order-form, please be sure to specify that you are requesting a TRANSFER and NOT a new domain. We will send a modification template to the registration authority once your new account is activated. You should retain your service at the present site while waiting for completion of the transfer. When InterNIC receives the template, they will generate an acknowledgment request (Ack/Nak) and send it to the current administrative contact of the domain via e-mail. Once the administrative contact acknowledges the transfer InterNIC will update their records. All internet providers must update their recorded DNS (Domain Name Server) tables to reflect new site locations - this is called propagation. Propagation is usually completed in about 72 hours, during which time visitors could be transferred to either site. At the end of the 72 hours you should contact the previous host to have them delete the old domain from their records and update their DNS records. If you use this same provider for your Internet access you will not be able to access your domain site until they update their DNS. It is very important that you use the same company name and address on the template as that which is on file at InterNIC. If the company name differs from that which is on file, InterNIC will treat the transfer as a delete/new (see below), and will not allow the transfer to be completed. If the contact information for the domain is no longer current, you will need to prepare a fax on a company letterhead. 
  1. Include company name, address and phone number in the header. 
  2. Reference the domain name and NIC tracking number. 
  3. Request the domain name modification in accordance with the NIC number to the new Name Servers.
  4. Have the President or Vice-President of your company sign the request.
  5. Print the name and title below signature. 
  6. Fax this letter to (703) 834-1852 Attn: DOMREG department with the subject of "InterNIC".


You can have additional domain names point to your existing hosting account. For example, if you own a clothing store you may wish to have the domain names,, and all point to your account. This is an excellent way to increase your search engine visibility, thus bringing more visitors to your site! You may change or add domain pointers at any time through our secured online application form, simply choose the "order online" option on our site, then follow the simple online instructions. 


How long does it take for new domains or transferred domain names to properly display my account? 

For new domains: Once you receive notification that the registration authority has registered your domain name it usually takes about 72 hours for the changes to propagate across the Internet. The reason that it takes this long is because the system by which domain name lookup works is hierarchical, and the caches on the servers must time-out before they request new information for a domain. You can also check the status of your registration on our domain search. 

For transfers: The process normally takes 3-7 business days, during which time you should be notified of the Transfer via e-mail. If this takes more than 1-2 weeks, or if the registration authority does not contact you in 3-4 business days, please send an e-mail to our sales office with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Domain name
  3. Date of sign up
  4. A statement indicating your willingness to transfer the domain name to us upon receipt of this e-mail.



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